How Data Backup Express works

Automatically schedule backups of your data or make a manual backup whenever you want.

The process is as follows:

  1. Schedule Back Up.
    You can schedule the data backup to begin at a specified time or you can conduct a manual backup whenever you want.
  2. Files are compressed.
    Our service automatically prepares your files for backup. Data is compressed for easy transfer. Our service ensures files are never corrupted during compression.
  3. Encryption.
    Your data is encrypted using a key your establish during the initial set up. This key is known only to you. NOTE: We do not keep records of you encryption key.
  4. File Transfer.
    Your encrypted data is then transfered to our data backup centre via your existing internet connection over a secure connection.
  5. Data Backup.
    Your files are stored on our backup servers at the data centre in their encrypted and compressed state. They can be retreived by you at anytime from anywhere. Only you know the encryption key and can only be accessed by you.
  6. Verification Report.
    An email report is sent to you verifying the successful backup each time you back up your data.