Data Backup Express – Enjoy the security of remote data backup!

Data Backup Express places a high priority on the security of your data. We use our own firewalls and all encrypted data is transfered by a secure SSL connection.

All files are encrypted and compressed prior to transfer. Only you have access to the encryption key. In the unlikely event that someone gained access to our server, all they would find would be unreadable, useless indefinable files.

Note: Only you have access to the key
We cannot access your information. It is essential you guard your key and do not forget it. No one will be able to restore your backup including Data Backup Express without the key.

128 bit Twofisch algorithm encryption
We use the best encryption available. Used in high security environments this encryption has never experienced a breach. Furthermore, only you have access to the key for your data.

Secure login
Our the login procedure is carried out in a secure environment using a secure 128 bit SSL connection to send your login details. This is the same encryption used by banks to protect information during online transactions. It is not possible to intercept information transferred in this environment.