• Daily automatic backup (encrypted 128 bit SSL transfer)
  • Backup history (up to 1 year)
  • No charge disaster recovery online data restore (encrypted 128 bit SSL transfer)
  • Data Backup Express software with easy to start manual
  • Secure data protection and backup verification
  • Backup several data sources including multiple computers or servers
0.5 Gigabyte Backup subscription$15.00/month
Ideal for backing up critical files
5 Gigabyte Backup subscription$29.00/month
Perfect for storing archives
10 Gigabyte Backup subscription$39.00/month
Excellent for backing up lap top computers
20 Gigabyte Backup subscription$49.00/month
Good for backing up single workstations
40 Gigabyte Backup subscription$69.00/month
Use to back up several computers
100 Gigabyte Backup subscription$99.00/month
Ideal for backing up servers