Data Backup Express – The ultimate disaster recovery solution!

Our solution offers you the security of having a complete data backup regardless of what kind of disaster you encounter. Your data is backed up automatically based on the parameters you set in our data centre protecting you from disasters that could occur at your place of business. Your data is safe from fire, damage, viruses, vandalism and theft.

Protection from viruses
Backup your data from notebooks, desktops and servers and instantly restore data in the event of a virus attack.

Protection from physical damage
Your data is stored off site in a high security environment therefore is protected against fire, theft or vandalism.

Save more than time! Our remote data backup solution means you no longer need to purchase or maintain the hardware or software required to process your own backups. You also never have to run the risk of expensive equipment failure.

Instant disaster recovery
Your data backup is always available regardless of where you are or what time it is. Restore your data while you are traveling or away. Instant remote access means never having to worry.

Peace of mind
Only you have access to the encryption key created when you set up you remote data backup service. No one else can access your encrypted data.